Flashback moments

Sometimes the littlest thing you see or hear can trigger a memory & takes you back in time. For example today while walking to the car to go to swim practice i smelled the neighbors BBQ, heard kids playing in the playground down the street. That in combination with the heat it was like i was back in France with my parents and brother on our one of our vacations. Or when i read a blog by an girl talking about her exchange life, it makes me think about my exchange year.

Well last week i had another flashback moment. Walking past the non-food section in the grocery store, i saw a very cute travel mug. Now me, i wouldn’t know what to do with a mug like that. I don’t drink coffee (tried it once & not liking it one bit) and that’s what the mug is usually used for right?! But instantly i thought of someone who does use it. I’m talking about my first host mom Eveline. She worked at Martinair and i remember her in her red uniform and filling the mug with coffee just before heading to the airport. I know it’s not a very spectacular memory, but it gave me the warm homely feel. I loved staying with them for the first 3 months of my exchange year. It was home to me and i have always felt part of their family, still do in a way. You can understand that i had to buy the mug, if only it was to let me remember my first host family more often!

The mug shown isn’t the 1 bought, but love & want it !

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