Millenium Trilogy

The books by Stieg Larsson i read a couple of years ago, yep i was 1 of the people that went along with the hype. But i’m not ashamed, the books are best sellers and written in a way that it grabs you right from the start.

In the beginning i had to really concentrate, so many names and so many different characters are named (especially in book 3 The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest). But ones you have it, you’re smack dead in the middle of Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander world.

Last week i decided to watch the Swedish movies that have been made, based on the novels. And i have to say i wasn’t disappointed. I’m not a real crime/thriller movie fan, but because i loved the books so much i wanted to see if the movies good measure up. Okay not everyting from the books came back in the movies, that wouldn’t be possible when you only have 2 hours to tell the story, but i did miss some of the details from the books. Those details made it fascinating to read and to my opinion completed the stories.

I have no regret that i did watch the movies, but i’m also very curious as to how the American version will turn out.

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