I think it was about 3 or 4years ago i first saw something of Applepiepieces, well then it was called Applepiepussy. I was walking from my room on the Alexander Kazerne (where i was staying during the week while working in The Hague) to Scheveningen. Almost at the end of my walk i passed a row of linked houses and a pretty pink colored sign on the front wall caught my eye. I love pink so i had to stop and stare for a second. The pretty pink sign said Applepiepussy. I didn’t think anything of it, just admired it for a second and went on to where i was going.

For years i hadn’t thought of that sign, until i saw a post by someone (i have no idea who it was) on twitter i think, saying that they were in Scheveningen and that they had seen the Applepiepieces sign. It was linked to or by Mrs Applepie. At that moment my brain finally put 2 and 2 together; she’s the owner of the pretty sign i saw back then!

Mariko has been Mrs Applepie since 2007, so when i had seen that sign, it must have been pretty new. She makes ‘feel good’ jewelery, accessories and other cute stuff that is to die for (not literately of course). The jewelry she makes isn’t only very cute but ab-so-lutely original and exclusive as well. And the crazy thing is i have ordered from her before; for myself and as gifts for friends.

After receiving her newsletter saying she was having a sale, i ordered from her again. Since i love discounts and sales i couldn’t help myself and clicked away. I had to wait a couple of days before i could pay and that they could send my order. But when i got home last night , i got my package in the mail! Some new greeting cards, the sweetest earrings, a memory locket and cupcake. I am over the moon and  couldn’t be happier!

So if you wanne be just as happy, go to Applepiepieces and click/ order away!

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