Extreme Couponing

Since TLC has been added as 1 of the digital channels, i’ve discovered some ‘new’ shows.  But the one that really got my attention is Extreme Couponing. It’s a show about people who save money by clipping coupons, some even save a butt load of money!

With amazement i’ve watch the 1st season (downloaded it, i couldn’t wait). I knew about the coupons, seen them in the papers during my exchange year, only had no idea you could save so much. Saving is always good, but a question that comes to mind is what would you do with all those products and do you need all that stuff?! I mean if you don’t have a cat (episode 4), you don’t need all that cat food  right, or buy diapers if you don’t have kids. But some really need to clip to make ends meet and luckily 99% of the clippers donate to make somebody else’s life a bit easier.

Off course with tv there is more to it then what you actually see. As a trained eye, Courtney of My crazy savings, gives a little bit more insight. But she also give tips how to start clipping yourself and shears coupons and deals by posting about them on her blog.

Unfortunately in Holland we don’t have clipping to this extent (if we even have it at all, i have no idea honestly), but if we did i think there would be a good change i would give it a go. What can i say i love discounts & love love free stuff!

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