Ice cream time

The summer has finally come & that means i treat myself to some ice cream every once in a while. I only eat ice cream in the summer time, well not counting the times i go out for dinner during the rest of the year, but the times that that happens are rare (eating out & having dessert).

Just like everybody, i have my favorites. All time number 1 has been the Raket lollipop, but the Pear lollipop is a close 2nd. During the summer months 1 of the 2 kinds (or even both) can be found in my freezer. Great when you wanna cool down when it’s bloody hot oudside.

When it comes to soft ice cream i’m a sucker for mint chocolate chip, but unfortunately it’s really hard to find around here. So what i usually get is the good old Vanilla, you can’t go wrong with that right?! But if i wanna  life live on the wild side, then banana, white chocolate or stracciatella are my choices.

O man all this talking about it is making me wanna get some!

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