From North to South

Last Tueday it was time for the Milow concert at the Paradiso in Amsterdam. And just like the 2 other times i saw him live, it was amazing!

Unlike the precious time we didn’t get to be very close to the podium (we were a bit late due to some unforeseen hiccups), but that didn’t matter. The show was great, Milow played almost every song off the new album, but didn’t forget some of his hits like Ayo technology and the Priest. Together with my brother and one of my besties, i couldn’t stand still and had to sing along to all the song. It was great to see that the people on stage were havening just at much fun preforming as were having watching them doing it. You can see it for yourself if you watch the clip.

All in all it was L.E.G.E.N.D.A.R.Y. (according to Milow himself), definitly a night to remember!

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