Welcome back

They are definitely back and i’m glad about it too. Every morning they make waking and getting up a lot less horrible, sleeping and just laying in bed are 1 of my hobbies you see. The birds sound cheerful (for all i know they are fighting over who gets the last breadcrum or something) and whistle pretty ‘songs’.

I only hear them in the morning, when i go to bed they’re usually not there. But when i do hear them, it takes me back to when i was still living with my parents. During the weeknights i went to bed around 8.30pm, had to get up at 5am for swim practice, and i would lay in bed and just listen and slowly fall asleep.

Come to think of it i always slept like a baby and i haven’t been lately. Maybe i should download some bird music and let them help me fall sleep just like they did many years ago…

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