World of the App

Last week i got the biggest scare of all times. My phone decided it needed an update, just checked out and with that thought that i didn’t need all my contact, photo’s, music and apps! Thank goodness that i kept my cool and kept the damage to a minimum. I didn’t lose any important stuff, only a few apps i downloaded a few days earlier, no biggy.

The temporary meltdown did inspired me to start a major clean up. I just found out i have over 200 apps and i only uses about 10 or 15 of them. When i see a nice app, it’s free and i think i can use it, i get it. Honestly with some of the apps i have no idea what they can do or what it’s for. It’s ridicules so i’m only keeping the ones i uses and the rest is gonna go. Well not completely they’ll still be my computer… just incase!

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