Bagel Love

On a Friday morning , about 3 weeks ago, i had an appointment in Amsterdam. My mom decided to come with me so that afterwards we could go in to town for a nice afternoon Amsterdam.

It was around lunchtime that we parked the car under the Arena and took the subway to the center. We got off on Waterlooplein, a flea market and one of the places we always visit when in A’dam. Most of the booths their sell junk, but you never know if and when you can find a jewel right?!

Unfortunately no jewels this time, but we did find a nice place to get something to eat; Bagels & Beans. A little restaurant that reminded me of a place where i had lunch one day when i was in West Palm beach, Fl (of which i can’t remeber the name of ). Looking through the pretty extensive menu i saw the Parmarella bagel  and i was sold. Mozzarella, Parma ham, sun dried tomato’s, pesto, rocket and pine nuts; Yummy.

And thanks to AH, which have bagels in their selection, we can tried to make them at home. And (of course) we did that today. It didn’t taste exactly the same, but it was delic!

photo: @Bagel&Beans, the Parmarella bagel

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