Movie top 10

I really like to watch movies. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a theater, on tv or on my laptop/pc. Unlike my wide interest in music styles, i’m picky when it comes movies. No thillers, crime and gangster, horror, action or si-fi for me, romantic comedy, animation, some dance and true stories are my cup of tea (as you can tell by looking at my movie challenge list).

My all time favorites are movies, i can watch over and over again. It’s so bad that I can watch the same movie 2 to 3 times in 1 day… Back to back even. And that makes that i can reside complete sense from all the movies listed below, will laugh at all the jokes as it was the first time I heard them and cry every time the director wants me too.

This list changes every now and then, I have over a 110 dvd’s to choose from and the collection is of course, still growing… But for now this is the list:

1. Bring it on (original, #1 of the series)
2. Overboard
3. Blind side
4. New in town
5. The Twilight series
6. The Harry Potter series

7. Eddie
8. Dazed and Confused
9. Empire records
10. American president

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