Cooking queen

As i wrote here, 1 of the challenges i was going to take on in 2011, was starting to cook more on the weekends. And then not the usual stuff i normally would make like spaghetti, pizza (ready made from the store ;-)) or get take out, but the more difficult and time consuming dishes. And to be honest i have kept up with the challenge (a proud moment right now!).

The first of the recipes i tried out was Indian potatoe parts with little shawarma balls and a salad. The potatoes where not very special, but the shawarma was delicious. A recipe i will make more often.

Second was Tagliatelle with spinach, chicken and pine nuts. In the originally recipe those were the only ingredients, but i added some paprika and union, a little more vegetables isn’t a crime right?! And this was also a very delicious meal, especially love the after taste that the pine nuts give.

Last night i made my best creation so far… Chicken Parmesan. I thought it was going to be a tough one, but it wasn’t at all! Preparations were easy and the oven did the rest. All i had to do is cook some spaghetti to go with the chicken Parmesan. Sometimes, after finishing the meal you think of some things that you might want change in the recipe and do differently next time (which definitively be soon), but i can’t think of anything this time. I loved it!

After these successes i’m already starting to think about what i can prepare next weekend. And after a failure earlier (read here), i’m starting to think i might not be such a drama in the kitchen after all!

ps: the recipe links are to a dutch website, sorry!

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