Backyard wishes

It’s Sunday night and that has been Boer zoekt vrouw night for the last 13 weeks. Yes i’m 1 of the nerdy people that tune in every week. Tonight is the last episode; it’s been 3 months since the famers have made up their mind who they like and who they see them self grow old with.

But i feel my mind drifting and not really paying attention to the show. When they flash back to the first meetings at the end of the summer i start daydreaming. I’m getting visions of spending time in my garden. Sitting there in the late afternoon, early evening, reading a good book, surfing on the web or spending time with friends. It’s giving me a feeling of peace, bliss and.

But unfortunaly my garden isn’t what i see in my daydreams. The layout is not the problem, it’s more the furnishing. I have 2 plastic garden chairs and that’s it. I haven’t had the money to get something fancier. But that’s hopefully gonna change this year. I know what i would like to get; a big parasol, a picknick table or a table with 4 chairs but also a comfy bench. The parasol and table with chairs wouldn’t be that difficult, but the bench… I have a picture in my head and i don’t have much hope in finding something that comes close to it. The bench i want should look like the 1 i sit on when i’m in Sharm El Sheikh, at the Oonas dive Club. I have no idea where to start my search… maybe i would better to find someone who will make it for me.

But even with that search still ahead, i can’t wait for the spring especially after it has been raining all day!

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