Cooking challenge

Usually i have diner at my parents house on Monday’s and Tuesday’s. I come home from work around 17.30 and what can be better then not having to cook and just pull up a chair?! Besides it’s better then making and eating diner by yourself and my parents still love having me over.

It’s not that i don’t cook at all, i do my fair share when i’m at my parents house (by myself or together with my mom). And on the weekend, when i have more time, i do like to give it a try (which doesn’t always work out like here). Staying away from the standard vegetables, potatoes and meat/fish. I like to make a bit more “exotic” dishes; recipes from the Allerhande (grocery store magazine), blogs i follow or recipes given to me by my mom.

Friday night i made Mexican Burritos, which was delish, but reading all the other recipes i definitely want to give Linguine with Lime & chilli prawns, American Pancakes and Fried Rice a try one day.

I think i see a weekend cooking challenge coming on!

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