Mr. Magorium

I have been tired and  a bit lazy today. Last night was my uncles great birthday party and I didn’t go to sleep before 3am (when i got home i just hád to watch a show i taped that night). So to get ride of this feeling i decided that i needed some fantasy, magic and sparks to my amagination. So in light of the movie challenge i decided to watch Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.

According to the reviews not really a movie for adults and not a very good one as well. But i don’t read reviews, i can make up my own mind if i like the movie or not.

And i did like Mr. Magorium. Okay the movie was a bit predictable, but still entertaining. It refreshed me and got me of the couch to tidy up the house. And with the movies soundtrack playing in the background it wasn’t as big of a deal as i expected it to be.

I think i found me some new clean up music!

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