Kitchen drama’s

I am not a great cook. I know that, never been and I guess I never will be. Every once in a while I do want to proof myself wrong; when I come across a doable recipe on the net, read 1 in a magazine or find a recipe card at the supermarket. But because the cooking passion that my mother has, has been passed on to my brother, I’m hopeless. They’re the ones with the creativity when it comes to spicing up a recipe. I try but its better I don’t.

But because 1 of my sweet friends is staying with me this weekend, I wanted to make something delicious for diner. I had already picked out a recipe (a pasta-dish out of the oven) and was ready for a fiesta-meal. After doing everything it said on the card, it turned out to be a bust. The pasta was still partly uncooked & the cheese on the top was hard as stone. The rest was still oke to eat, we didn’t starve, but the recipe-card has been tossed. Together with the top layer of the pasta-dish!

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