Shopping hell

I like to go and do my groceries at the most impossible hours. The hours when there are not a lot of other shoppers; hardly anyone you have to pass or wait for,  no yelling kids or kids that lost their parents when they saw the freaking candy aisle and when there are no old people.

The last group are the worst to encounter when you’re at the store. At least that what I think. Today was another example of why I think old people are rude! Well some of them are,  some of them think they own the world and everything that is on it.

What happened? One almost ran me over near the fruit; I was waiting to pass a lady and this weird smelling old man hit me with his shopping cart. He saw me, looked at me and gave me a look like I was the one that was at fault. That same man by the way was telling me to hurry up when I was getting the milk. There were more people  around me and so there wasn’t a lot of space left. I have no idea where he wanted wiggle his wrinkely old butt between, but there was no space. Dude you’re old and i can’t imagine that you can be in a hurry to get anywhere! And to top it all off, he nearly ran me over at the parking lot.

Okay I have to admit that not all the old people are rude, and think the world is theirs, but this old man was definitely an ass and if I ever see him again, seriously I will…

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