Big Brother

I love to read the entries on the website Love gives me hope. Some of them are a bit corny and predictable. But some of the words written down by others make me think, choke me up or even make me cry.

Today I read the ones here and here. Being a bit emotional  the last couple of weeks, those entries made the tears come down within a second. It made me think of my big brother immediately.

Thank G he’s not dead and he’s still a huge part of my life even though we live over a 160 km apart. I trust him with my life, know I can always count on him and wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t have him around anymore.

Last weekend he finally moved to his new house, a proper house. Helping him move was amazing, he impressed me with all he has accomplished, the great bond he has with his friend who all came to help and the way he took some of my, his younger sister´ advice. It made me even more proud than I already am of the best big brother in the world!

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