Cleaning out the closet

PhotobucketSometimes you need to have a big clean up. There’s too much clutter in and around your house but also in your head. The clutter or shall we say chaos, in my head isn’t what I mean right now.

I’m talking about the hording I’ve been doing for the last couple of years. On Boxing Day, or as we say it 2nd Christmas day, I started to thinking about my
mess and it got me motivated to get of my bum and do something about it. So this morning I started with my wardrobe. I have a lot of cloths, but I usually wear the same things. I definitely have my favorite items and the rest is left in the closet. Some items in there are too small, but I keep them because maybe one day…

Then I also have the things with prints that would make you look like you got stuck in your kiddy years and other item are so old that they could go to a museum. I know it takes up space and it’s a waste to leave it there but I don’t have the heart to part with some things…

Yep that’s where the problem lays the most, the parting bit. Especially when it comes to my t-shirt collection. Some are from my exchange year in 95-96 and I cannot and will not part with them. They, together with ‘some’ others, are in a Curver box on top of my closet. But the box is almost overflowing and I have to tackle the problem. But how? In total I have 30 t-shirts that I don’t wear, some have never been worn at all, but I don’t want to toss them out because of the sentimental value they have. But what to do with them?

After surfing the web I found some cool idea’s here and here. Taking pictures of the t-shirts before giving them away so that you can still look at them, cutting some of your favorites up and make a scarf out of them or recycle them in some way.  Tomorrow I’ll start taking the pictures and maybe pick out some shirts for a scarf.

And for the rest of my wardrobe…  I’ve been rigorous and everything I haven’t worn in over a year is going. Items that are in good condition (or never worn, some with the price tags still on *shame*) I’m gonna try to sell, the rest will go to goodwill. Hopefully someone else will be happy with my ‘old’ clothes. And if they’re happy, I’m happy.

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