Break down

Was i just saying that i was so happy with my decorated tree, this morning the lights busted! That meant that i had to take them all out and put new ones in. But because the lights i had in vase also broke down i had no spare ones. Luckily my mom did, so i got 2 light strings to put in the tree and in the vase. It took some patience, but it all worked out and the tree looks great again. [The brownies i made yesterday were a hit btw, Mom and grandma were surprised i made them and they loved it!]
Tomorrow it’s back to work. I don’t really feel like it [i’m feeling much much better though, i’m not sick anymore], sometimes you just need a break to recharge you battery. But there’s a meeting tomorrow and i have to make notes, so i can’t stay home another day. O well, only a full week this week and then next week it’s gonna be a breeze, a workweek of only 2,5 days. Now that is a nice prospect.
Now i’ll get my new book, a cup of tea and go to read a few pages in bed. The ultimate way to end a relaxed weekend.

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