I’ve had better one’s…

Could today have been more crappy then it all ready was? My answer to this question would be Yes it could [yes with a capital y]. There was only one thing that brought a smile on my face.
What happened? I woke up this morning and everything was fine, the migraine i felt coming up the night before wasn’t there anymore [thank G], but when i was driving to work i felt it coming up again. Okay no problem i’ll take my medicine when i’m at work. It helped, but what i hadn’t anticipated on, were the pains i got thanks to the monthly visit. It was so bad it literally made me sick. I made it to the bathroom just in time, i was hot one moment and freezing the next and i was as white as a ghost. After only being at work for 3 hours i packed my stuff together and went home and back to bed again. I slept for a few hours, my parents came over to get 2 small tables, my mom made some hot custard for me [she always made it when me or my brother were sick]. But still i didn’t feel any better, thankfully i didn’t have a fever, so back to bed i went.

So here i am, in bed with my laptop, hoping to go to sleep soon so i can leave this day behind me and start a new and better one tomorrow.

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