Christmas mood

Sinterklaas has left the country and i’m getting ready for Christmas. We celebrated Sinterklaas [click here to find out how Sinterklaas is] on Friday and on Saterday morning after practice i decided that it was the time to get the Christmas tree and decorate it. I got a bigger artificial tree from my grandma, the one i had was a tiny one [not that this one is much bigger though]. My grandma is 85 years old almost and she decided that she doesn’t want to mess around with all the decorating and stuff. To big of a fuss. So she asked if i was interested in her old tree and old ornaments. At first i wasn’t, i didn’t think that i would like them, but when i opened the box they weren’t the tacky one’s i expected; my grandma has taste! The ornaments are shiny and frosted silver and white. Together with the silver ribbons and the silver coloured beaded chain, it looks really good. I love looking at it sitting in my little cosy corner of the couch and i’m happy it will stay there for the next 3 weeks!

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