Seven Pounds

The owner of the local cinema isn’t going to become a milionaire thanks to me. This year i have been to the movies about 2 or 3 times tops. Why i don’t go? For one it’s a bit too pricey for me; paying almost 10 dollars for the ticket alone, then you want something to eat and drink as well. All in all you will pay around 20 dollars. I’m sorry but it’s not worth it to me. If the movie is really really good i do go, when it’s so so [but still pretty good], i’ll wait until it’s out on dvd and go rent it. Only most of the time i will see a movie for the first time when it airs on tv.

But after seeing this trailer on youtube, i know i wanna see this movie. I have to write down the title on my movie list [i’m a list freak, but i blog about that some other time] before i forget! I love movies like this and i do love Will Smith. I can’t wait till the movie come to Europe.

One thought on “Seven Pounds

  1. Marianne says:

    Die film moet dan maar even wachten totdat ik weer terug ben hoor… 🙂 Ik bedoel, seizoen 2 van AEMDLDOGP of wat was het precies moet toch ergens mee beginnen… O dat doet het natuurlijk al met Milow… Naja. Chick, vindt even 10 vrije minuten op het werk en schrijf me die mail! 😛

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