I don’t like to wear socks, never been a fan of them, give me my flip flops or Birkies and i’m happy. When i don’t have to wear socks, i don’t. I’m pretty much sockless from April till October. But it’s almost November and i haven’t touched a socks for months, Yeah!

Unfortunately that is gonna change. Night frost had kicked in 2 nights ago and it’s so freaking cold when i walk out the door at 6.45 am. My ballerinas aren’t keeping my feet protected from the cold, which means i have to get the socks out of the back of my drawer. But i’m afraid that that is going to be a problem; the socks that i do own, are so old, have holes in them, aren’t that stylish or even worse some are missing their partner.

So now i have 2 options; going to the store to get me some new pairs or move to a warmer country. O how i wish that last option was possible…

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