Small mindedness

I‘m sorry but i have something on my chest and i need to say something.

When i came home tonight i turned on the tv. Flipping through the channels my attention was drawn to a program on which one of the items was about a house where people [with cancer, aids or any other illness] can go and die. they will have the spcial care that they need and it’s in a more private surrounding then when you spend your last hours on earth in a hospital. I applaud houses like this; everybody had the right to leave this earth cofortably and in peace.

But what upsets me, is this women in the program. An 82 year old lady that is protesting the build of the house; the plan is to build a ‘dying house’ in her street. My 1st reaction was that she must be afraid of all the things that come with a house like that. But to my surprise she’s not affraid of all the traffic that will be driving up and down her street. She doesn’t mind the ambulance or normal cars; what bothers her, are the number of hearses that she will be seeing when she’ll look out of her window. [There are gonna be 4 rooms, which means that statistical there will be a hearse once every 2 weeks, that’s not a lot, at least to my opinion] Also the house will be surrounded by trees, so she won’t see anything of the house itself.

This lady is so small minded, it ticks me off! People like her are so fixated on themselfs and don’t care what happens in the rest of the world and to the people who are living in it. There are a lot of [bad] things i would like to say to this women. But i won’t, my mother raised me better than that!

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