I really like the comic strip Mutts. The first time i read the experiences of Earl, Mooch, Ozzie and all the others, was on a blog kept by another Dutch girl. I fell in love right away and went to the website. In the beginning i checked the site every day, but that got less and less by the week, so at the end i just forgot about the site all together [we all know how it goes, right]. But when i was on the net this weekend and decluttering my favourites, i saw the link i made. Going through the strip archive and reading the strips, i saw that it was possible to sign up for the newsletter [i love newsletters]. You will get a daily mail which contains a strip. Even though the strip that you get is 2 weeks old, it’s always nice and it’s very handy since you don’t have to go the website every time.

On my old blog i placed a strip once or twice, but thanks to the newsletter i might be placing them more often. Especially when you come across one that is very appropriate. Like this one.

Just this afternoon when i came home, i said to myself [i live alone so i do talk to myself some times and not just to myself haha] that i hadn’t had any “fun” mail on my doormat fo he last week and a half. Was or is nobody thinking of me anymore, was i becoming less and less populair [hihi]? But after reading the strip i know that is not that, people just don’t have my address! Knowing this, i feel a lot better *sigh*

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