Smile note or Annoying note?

You have the well known smile notes, a short blog about something that happened that day and put a smile on your face. But i’m wondering if there is something like annoying notes. Because if they exists, than i have one for today.

It’s Saturday afternoon and i have been called on my house phone 4 times already. Keep in mind that nobody and i mean nobody calls me on my house phone. So when that phone rings, you can count on it that it’s someone who just dialed the wrong number or that a call centre is trying to sell me something. The first group of people i don’t have a problem with, he it happens to me to sometimes, but the second group is then one that gets on my nerves.

First they ask if they have the right person on the line, then if are you the one that is in charge of the household before asking if they’re calling at an appropriate time [o come on, they never do and they know it]. Before I was too polite to say that it wasn’t, with the result that they keep blabbing away and they almost got me where they wanted me. But now I’m a changed woman, so when they call, the first thing I say is that I’m not interested, I wish them a great day and hang up the phone. I mean it’s their job [but I can’t believe they do this out of their free will] so they can’t help it.

But today they called the wrong number; it’s the weekend for crying out loud, I’m not that polite anymore and leave out the have a great day part. By the 4th time I’m pretty annoyed and ticked off and I interrupt the guy before he could even ask the 2nd question, telling him I’m not interested and hang up, that’ll teach him! After I hung up the phone I did feel a bit guilty, but not for very long, he shouldn’t have dialed my number!

One thought on “Smile note or Annoying note?

  1. Julia @ Hooked on Houses says:

    Oh, boy, those ARE annoying. I agree. We have one telemarketer who calls every single night at 6:00, right on the dot, just as we’re sitting down to dinner. We have asked them numerous times to stop, but that got us nowhere. Now we just let it ring and ignore it altogether. (But I still get annoyed by the ringing.)Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to “meet” you! 🙂

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