A Fresh Start

I love to write, i write about everything; what is happening in my life, what i read in the paper or what i hear around me. If it has my interest, it can be blog material. That is one of the reasons why in 2004 i started blogging. And blogging is a great way to keep family and friends [especially the ones i don’t get to see and or speak everyday] posted on what’s happening in my life.

After 2 years my 1st blog host changed some key elements in there program and i was lost. I kept going for a while, because i didn’t want to stop bogging all together, but i decided to find another spot on the www. I found it and so far i have been pretty content with my new spot on the net, but there are somethings that are starting to bug me.
I write about many things that are happening to me, but some are left out. Why? Well some stuff is not suitable for everyone eyes [think about my love life and than my parents; you get my drift… right?]. So sometimes i decide not to blog about things that are close to my heart or are driving me crazy at that moment. And that is not good. Another thing is the whole privacy issue [if that even exist in the world of Internet].For example Google my name and you can read all about me and my [personal] life. Everybody can see it and everybody will know who i am. I’ve always know this, didn’t think about it much. I have been nameing names and sharing personal information since the beginning. But lately that is bugging me more and more. I don’t like the fact that what i’ve written can come back to me in a good but also in a bad way. You never know what someones intentions may be reading my blogs.
I came to the conclusion that changes had to be made. Should i quite, start my own domain [which takes a huge amount of knowledge’s about html, that i don’t have], start working with passwords or start over completely and keep the personal info to myself? The last option came out on top, so i won’t be mentioning names, places or posting personal pictures. If you don”t know me personally then all you will know is that my name is Amarins, a dutch girl just living her life laughing [well most of the time].

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