On the wall

IMG_4793The painting i have hanging on my livingroom wall (here on the right), has been the same one that’s been there for the last decade or so. I’ve put it up the day i moved in and it was also in my previous house. So jeah it’s been there a while & i’m still not sick of it. But lately i have been walking around with the idea i want to chang it up a bit, get something new. But what would be nice? What would ‘fit’ the room and what would ‘fit’ me? I’d love it to be colorful, not to bright though and i would go for something that sends out a calming vibe. O and of course it would be awesome if it was something that not everyone had hanging in their home.

I’ve already been looking around but honestly i know exactly what i want. I’ve known ever since i’ve seen a gorgeous picture at the Petersik house (they blogged about it back in early 2012). The painting is made by Samantha French and she has an Etsy store where you can see (and buy if you want) more of her oil paintings & prints. Of course i checked out her shop right away & couldn’t help fall in love with her style. Not only because of the colors she uses and the composition, but maybe mostly because of the swimming theme (o me & my swimming!).

il_570xN.248259621And now ever since 2012 i’m smittingly & head over heels in love with the print you see here on the left: ”Three Feet Below’ print (the same one the Petersiks have fyi). And i’m afraid that ever since, i can’t help but compare everything i see that’s a possibility, to that print.

So i made a promise to myself that one day i will own this print. Don’t know when, don’t know how, but i will!

Maybe a good birthday wish list item?!


IMG_6169When i came home and saw what was waiting for me i could only cheer. What was so cheer-worthy? My Instaswap package had finally arrived. It had taken the postman almost 2 weeks after the first delivery attempt to find my house again. Well he sort of found it, he delivered it at the neighbours 6 houses down. Why it took 2 weeks, i have no idea, but he sure knew how to test my patience as well as that of the organiser of the swap and the maker of the package. All in all i’m glad everything turned out good and i’m so so happy with my ‘instaswap2014 summer edition‘ package.

After seeing more and more of the first Instaswap edition on Instagram (#instaswap2013) and on a few blogs, i knew i wanted to join in if a new edition would be held. How cool is it to swap/ exchange small gifts with someone you don’t know! You had to sign up and after a couple of weeks you receive a name & address by the swap organizer: that person will be your secret swapper. You snoop around on his/her Instagram, maybe also on some other (social media) sites and get inspired to make or buy (little) gifts for that person. On June 1st everyone would send out their creations & after you receiving the goodies you will also find out who it was that sent it to them.

Below you can see what was in the package that took forever to get here. IMG_6354

This is what my sweet swapper made/ created/ bought for me!

  • toothpicks with little white birds
  • quotes of ribbons
  • 2 little notebooks & a pencil in my favorite colors
  • 4 different colored thread
  • several cranes attached to a cord
  • different sized hearts
  • gorgeous candle bags
  • pretty little dolls


I’m loving the gifts my swapper made for me. Especially the hearts & cranes have been inspiring me. But more on that later. For now i’m gonna enjoy all the cuteness and maybe even starting to think about the next Instaswap!

P.s. what did i get for my swapper? Well you can see it *here*



15 Questions Hardly Anybody Asks

vraagtekenSometimes you come across some questions that, normally, you would never have thought of and in that case also would never have asked somebody. But the questions in this case aren’t that weird and the answers could turn out pretty funny or interesting. So i thought why not and go for it? Lets go people!

Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?
I have turned one of the bedrooms in my house in to a ‘walk in closet’ & the door to that room is always closed when i go to sleep. As well all the other doors on the landing. Except for my bedroom door. That one is always open. Don’t know why, maybe that way all the ghosts and spirits can come and go as they wish (even though walls and closed doors are a piece of cake to them haha).

Do you take home the shampoo, conditioner & soaps from the hotels?
Yes i do! And only that. The towels, decorations & anything else you can think of i leave it behind. (I work in a hotel & you’d be surprised what people take home with them!)

Sleeping with the sheets over your head or below?
Below. I think i would suffocate if they’re over my head.

Ever steal a street sign?
Ehhh yea i did. When i was in college. Cycling back to a friend’s house after a night out in the town we came across a sign that would look amazing in their house. So we took it. Not proud of that moment and honestly i can’t even remember what kind of sign it was.

Do you use ‘to do’ lists?
Of course. Way to many. And that makes getting thing done really difficult. Need to get a better system for that!

Do you have freckles?

Have you ever peed in the woods?
Yes i have, multiple times. During my military training we spent some times in the woods and when you got to go, you got to go!

What’s this weeks song?
That has to be Hunter Hayes & Jason Mraz ‘Everybody’s got somebody but me’. Such a catching song, is stuck in my head for a while now.

What’s the size of your bed?
It’s a straight forward bed: mattress size 140 x 200. The comforter is 240 x 200/220.

Is there anything that’s irritating you right now?
There is, it’s swim related thing but it’s something i can’t change. Wrote all my thoughts on it down and hopefully soon there will be a meeting and it can be resolved (not getting my hopes up btw)

What’s your favorite food?
There is so so much i like.

Do you chew pens and or pencil?
Never! I find it so yucky.

Do you still watch cartoons?
Yes i do!!! I’m still a little kid at heart.

Do you count your steps while you walk?
No i don’t.

Do you dance even if there’s no music to dance to?
I really do need music to dance. And when i hear music i like i can get wild and dance like a freak!

Okay now you know a little bit more about me. And if after this you want to know even more about me, just ask away!

Ikea Love

I love Ikea. Love Love Love it. And when i found out they were introducing a papershop, i knew i needed to check it out. Now i haven’t yet physically been to a store since the launch, but i did go online and checked it out. And of course made a little wish list for the next time i’m going. Check it out!

Ikea wishlist

1.Välbekant sticky notes 2. Särskild note-book 3. Välberkant clipboard

4. Välberkant magnetic notepad 5. Visionär decorations 6. Daterad gift bag


Hammock Lounging

IMG_5702As i’m writing this, it’s around 25 degrees (celsius) outside and inside my house it’s probably a bit warmer. That’s what you get when your main livingroom windows are facing south and there are no blinds only curtains to keep the direct sunlight out. But i’m not complaining, not yet haha. I do have to come up with a solution before the real heat is coming this summer though.

But that’s not why i started this post. With this beautiful weather i really wished i had a hammock. Especially after i enjoyed my aunts hammock earlier this month (picture left). The sheer joy of just laying there, reading a book and rocking a little bit. Okay sitting in my lawn chairs is comfy too, but a hammock would be the ultimate. I also have the perfect spot in my garden in mind.

So i’ve looking around on the net if i could find some that are pretty and affordable. And i did. Loving the one on the left and also the middle one is very good, but the one on the far rightt has to be my favorite. Not realistic but a girl can dream can’t she?!